Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Book Report by Emma

Emma was recently assigned to do her first "real" book report for Grade 2. She had to choose a fiction or non-fiction book that was at least 50 pages long and that she hadn't read before. She had just taken out the book "Helen Keller" from our church library, but it was only 47 pages. So she asked her teacher if that would be ok and she said yes. Anyway, I thought the report was imaginative and funny so I'm going to post it here. (Brag moment - the teacher wrote "Emma, this is one of the best book reports I've seen!" and gave her 100%)

Helen Keller by Johanna Hurwitz

Favorite Character Election Ballot
I vote for Helen from the story Helen Keller because she lerns to have light in her life.

If you were to give a gift to the main character, list three gifts you think the main character would like and why.
1) Gift: working eyes
Why: She can't see!

2) Gift: sibbling
Why: nice to have a friend all the time!

3) Gift: a book
Why: She likes to read.

Write a letter to Mrs. F telling me if you liked the book. Also tell me why or why not.

Part 1
Dere Mrs. F, I loved the book Helen Keller. It's so .... Interesting on how Helen get's to speak, communicate and cooperate with other peaple. She had Darkness But now lightness in her life. AND I MEAN IT!

She drew a picture of Helen Keller saying "Ahhh!" and her teacher Annie saying "Now Helen pay atenchin!"

Part 2
My favourit part in Helen keller is when she learns about how to be a proper child. Mrs. F you know not all children can have proper lives and thats how they get into lots of TROUBLE! (unlike me) of course My mom is a professional children trainer, so she teachs me and my sisters and Jacob good. from Emma.
p.s. Love your hair.

She drew a picture of 3 girls and 1 boy standing in a line, with "my mom" saying "Hup-2-3-4."
And another picture of Mrs F and her new haircut.

On the back she wrote
on my book report.
Emma R loves adventures and lot's of Books About famos peaple.


Kim said...

AHAHAHAH - professional children trainer. I like that!

andrea said...

wow...she has wisdom beyond her years!

Andrea said...

Love it!

HUP-2-3-4! :)

Nicole said...

Haha that's so awesome! Your a professional child trainer hey? Oh gosh Emma is a adorable Tammy :o)

I also like how she compliments her teacher. She's a sweetie!

Nicole said...

LOL she's great Tammy!! What a great commendation for you huh?!


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