Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Make your own reusable swiffer cover

I saw this on a blog somewhere and I forgot where I originally saw it, so I googled it today and from the Clever Homemaking blog I found the following recommended free pattern for a Ballband Dishcloth Reusable Swiffer Cover by Skull Charms. I definitely plan to try making one of these! I haven't knitted in a long time so I'm going to have to google some refresher pointers I'm sure.

For those that don't knit but do crochet, you're in luck! I also found a free crochet pattern by Tawnie's Knits and you can find it here. I'll probably try this one first as it looks easier.

So, get your knitting on and go green!

And by green I mean both environmentally friendly AND cheaper!

For those who are craft-challenged, you can always get a friend to make them for you or you can order them online from Etsy.

Or you can wait to win one here on a future blog giveaway!

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