Saturday, 13 June 2009

Crazy Eights Hoopla

Well, my cousin Tammi high fived me for the Crazy Eights hoopla. And since she called me by our extended family's nickname for me, little Tammy, I guess I'll do it :)

Eight things I'm looking forward to:
1) warmer weather!
2) going out on a dinner & a movie date with Nathan again sometime soon
3) our 13th anniversary coming up in July
4) going on a girl's night out with my best friend Candace
5) taking the kids to the City 3hrs south in mid-summer
6) taking our older 2 girls out separately for back to school shopping and lunch, just the 2 of us
7) going to Disney World again next April
8) watching my kids grow up (how long term was this allowed to be?:)

Eight things I did yesterday:
1) 30 Day Shred of course!
2) laundry
3) tidied the house a bit
4) went to Candace's for lunch to celebrate Olivia's birthday with her friend Amber
5) phoned Candace after I got back so we could actually get some visiting down after putting Jacob down for a nap :)
6) went to Subway for supper
7) took Emma & Sophia to watch a hockey final game live
8) watched PVR'd version of the Stanley Cup Final after we got back - 1st time in a long time that the team we were cheering for actually won!

Eight things I wish I could do:
1) play the violin
2) have more patience, especially with my children
3) be more consistent, proactive and intentional in my parenting
4) own a grand piano
5) visit our sponsored children
6) be more consistent with keeping my house tidy
7) sew really well
8) practice what I preach - ie doing what I have to do before doing what I want to do, especially when it comes to doing chores

Eight shows I watch:
1) Criminal Minds - favourite show!
2) The Unusuals - cause it's a cop show, but more unusual :)
3) The Office - cause it's hilarious
4) Seinfeld - hilarious classic
5) Amazing Race - I'd LOVE to be on this show (except for the leaving your kids behind part)
6) Survivor - could never be on this show!
7) Apprentice
8) Law & Order - the original

Eight people hi-fived:
1) Sarah - because she's supposed to be posting every day now and might need some ideas
2) Sandy - same as #1 :)
3) Nicole - cause she's from Australia
4) Jessica - because she won my first ever blog giveaway
5) Jobina - because she's one of my newest IRL friends
6) Pam - because now that she's finally graduated she has tons of free time :)
7) Andrea - because my sister Andrea was already hi-fived by Tammi, and I need another Andrea :)
8) anyone else reading this that would like to do it - you've just officially been hi-fived!

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ValleyGirl said...

Oooo, "The Office!" I can't believe I forgot "The Office! That's probably the only show (other than the shorter-term reality ones that I had listed) that I try very hard never to miss. LOVE it!

And reading your "wish I could visit our sponsored children" reminds me that I never wrote travel on that list. Hmmmmm, curious!


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