Monday, 1 June 2009

Menu Monday

Last week ended up get changed around a LOT, so I'm getting to re-use the ones I thought up for last week that didn't get used.

Today - homemade pizza

bbq chicken
taco salad
bbq sausage burgers

Wednesday is Olivia's 4th birthday so we'll likely be taking her out for dinner.

Friday is Olive Garden!! It's my BIL's 30th birthday and my inlaws always take the family (sans kids!) out for dinner for the 30th.


Nicole said...

sounds like a nice easy week for you :)

andrea said...

sounds very yummy!

Nicole said...

I haven't gone to the Olive Garden in about 4 years. We always make our own pasta now so I guess it's not much of a treat anymore.

Yay for birthdays! Do you know where she will choose to go?


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