Sunday, 14 June 2009

True Woman Tuesday

True Woman TuesdayMy cousin Tammi is hosting True Woman Tuesdays starting this coming Tuesday.

From Tammi's blog...

The True Woman site, study, and events were the ministry inspiration of Nancy Leigh DeMoss, who also founded the Revive Our Hearts ministry several years ago, "calling women to Freedom, Fullness, and Fruitfulness in Christ."

The True Woman 30-Day Makeover seeks to help women:
* Discover and embrace God's created design and mission for their lives
* Reflect the beauty and heart of Christ to their world
* Intentionally pass on the baton of Truth to the next generation
* Pray earnestly for an outpouring of God's Spirit in their families, churches, nation, and world
You have the option to read or listen to the broadcasts - whichever suits you best. Even though it's a 30 day makeover, the plan is the stretch it out over 10 weeks. The emails are received daily, so you can read or listen at your leisure, and we'll discuss three studies each week.

To get started, read and sign the True Woman Manifesto and sign up for the 30 Day Makeover.

Here's Tammi's plan for how we're going to do this study together...

For each study, simply jot down what you think are the key points, questions you may have had about what was said, your favourite quotes (remember, each lesson is written out in full as well, so it's easy to find those quotes if you forget to write them down while listening!), any special encouragement you received from any of the lessons, etc. There are no specific study questions, but I think we can have a good discussion even without. We're all different and I know we'll all be convicted, admonished, encouraged, and inspired by different portions.

There will be a Mr. Linky so that it will be easier for each of us to visit each other's posts. Please make an effort to visit the other participants so that we can all be better encouragers for each other.
If you're interested, sign up TODAY in order to get the 1st three emails that we're discussing on Tuesday. Even if you don't sign up today, still do it - you'll have the next week's studies way before next Tuesday, so - no excuses! :)

Are you ready to join us for True Woman Tuesdays? I'd love to see you there/here!

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ValleyGirl said...

Thanks for getting the word out! I have a gut feeling that this will be an incredible summer of spiritual growth for women in North America ~ and I'm so looking forward to it!!


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