Monday, 13 August 2007

D and E in the A-Z of Me!

D is for Dinner & a Movie!
Dinner & a movie is pretty much our traditional date night. We love eating and we love movies! We usually go to either The Olive Garden, Tony Roma's or if we really want to splurge we go to The Keg. I love The Keg - hmmmm, the bread! I think I could eat a whole one myself! And of course, at The Olive Garden - it's their breadsticks that do me in! Tony Roma's is all about the ribs of course. I'm not exactly an adventurous restaurant orderer. I always gets the same thing - why mess with a good thing, right?! At the Olive Garden I get the lunch portion of Chicken Alfredo on whole wheat linguine. As though the whole wheat makes up for all that cream! With the pasta fagioli soup and about 3 breadsticks. Tony Roma's it's the Honey Garlic ribs. And at The Keg it's the Teriyaki Sirloin steak. Hmmmmmm, good! For movies - we always use our Airmiles for 2 tickets, one popcorn and 2 drinks - not that I need more food after all that bread! We're planning on seeing The Bourne Ultimatum this weekend - can't wait!

E is for Emma Marion
That was a no-brainer! Our firstborn came into the world on March 30th, 2001 - exactly ON HER DUE DATE! I know - pretty rare! My water broke the day before. And when I say broke, I mean broke. I do not mean trickle. We're talking another global flood. You could SEE the difference in my stomach afterwards! Anyway, we went to the hospital and nothing happened. No contractions, nada, nothing, zip, zilch. So, after waiting and walking, they induced me. And she was born sometime around 1am (I have a horrible memory and I'm not getting up to verify the time!). She was 8lb 1oz and the cutest baby ever (until a few years later when she was joined by Sophia & Olivia of course. It's currently a 3-way tie until January!)

Anyway, Emma is quite the character. Her imagination is incredible (she certainly does not get that from me). When she just turned 2 she was already pretending to take her stuffed animals to our local amusement park, setting up a big production in order to do so. She loves to put on shows for us - ballet, singing, you name it she loves it! And she is an excellent singer too. Her music teacher at school actually told us that she'd never heard a Kindergartener sing as well as she does. I could totally see her auditioning for Canadian Idol if they had one for her age. :) A little performer that one! I think I can take credit for her inheriting a love of music. I've been starting to teach her piano and she's taking to it very well. I've been far to lacsedaisical (sp?!) about that though, so I'm determined to be more regular with her lessons this year.


ValleyGirl said...

You're so ambitious, teaching your girls piano! I'm afraid that my girls won't take it seriously if it's 'just their mom.' Or it'll be just one more thing I end up nagging them about. (Of course, if they take lessons from someone else, I'll still be nagging them to practise!)

Argh, everyone is seeing The Bourne Ultimatum but me!!!!! Not fair! I've heard it's the best movie in the series.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, we were actaully just to the Olive Garden on Sunday for our Anniversary. It was sooo yummy!

Andrea said...

She certainly is quite the character. Definitely a performer.

Ruth said...

hey tammy! hope you are well. just wanted to let you know my blog addy has changed:



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