Monday, 20 August 2007

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F is for Future
I am one of those people that would love a glimpse into the future. Only good glimpses though! I often wonder - what will the girls look like when they're older? Who will their husbands be?

And, most important - will they be sharing heaven with me for all eternity?

Of course, I realize that that is their own personal decision - and, yet, as their parents, we have the most influence over their belief systems that anyone can ever have - a huge and daunting responsibility! So, one thing we have determined to do is to be as open and honest and communicative as is humanly possible. Nothing is off limits in discussion. Our relationship with Jesus needs to be talked about in everyday life - not just on Sundays and not even just at evening Bible Story and prayers. They need to see that this Relationship is wholly applicable to each and every part of our lives.

On a lighter note - F is also for Fingers. A classy restaurant I worked in during my one year at university. I first started as a Hostess, then as a Busser and then as a Server. The tips sure beat Chicken Chef's! Though I have to say, the work was probably easier. :)

G is for Gravy
I love gravy!

That is the one down side to GF holidays (G is also for GF - our regular "holiday" destination with the kids). They don't have gravy for french fries in the States. In fact, I don't think any of them have heard of poutines. Gasp - the horror!

Gravy on perogies, gravy on rice, gravy on noodles, gravy, gravy, gravy!

H is for Hugs
I love hugs. I especially love hugs from my girls and my man. Can you ever hug too much? No, there's no such thing.

I is for Induction
So far I've had to be induced for every labour. With both Emma & Sophia my water broke and nothing happened so I was induced - both were born exactly on their due dates. With Olivia I had a leak the day before her due date (totally my same MO!), but StB is a pain and wouldn't induce me - until I was 10 days overdue and at the fetal assessment they discovered I had very little amniotic fluid left. Hmmmm, I wonder why?! So, they induced me then too. The pain about being induced is that they have to monitor you constantly - so showering and walking and all the other methods of pain coping aren't even options. So, I am REALLY hoping not to have to be induced with this one - but that's probably a long shot because apparently my body doesn't know how to go into labour on it's own. :)


Andrea said...

It's about time!! I was wondering when you were going to post again!

I'm huge into hugs too. There's nothing quite as comforting and special as a good squeeze!

Pamela said...

ooooh...I'd love to look into the future too! I think that's why Back to the Future is still one of my favourite movies! I would love to be able to peek into the future!

Good luck with the "no induction" goal this time around!

Anonymous said...

Another insightful book on Scriptural concept of forgiveness is titled "Forgiveness: The Power and the Puzzles" by Wendell Miller.
The book does a wonderful job of separating two broad types of forgiveness:
1) The need to give up the "right" of being made whole by the offender ("Vengence is Mine" says the Lord. "I will repay") which deals with "letting go" of the offense as it may affect your relationship with God and your own health of spirit, mind and body.....and
2) Dealing with when to seek restoration of relationship with the offender. (Required when the offender is repentant and turns from the wrong behavior of the past)
Restoration is not required when the offender is unrepentant.

A very interesting book by a Western Seminary professor.
Foreward by Earl Rademacher

Any comments, e-mail me at


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