Friday, 24 August 2007

More A-Z

J is for Joking around
I forgot to put H is for Humour, so I figured I better get J is for Joking around in here! Humour is so important in a relationship. Laughing with each other and being able to laugh at yourself is truly cathartic. And I'm sure it must burn some calories too :) That's definitely one of the qualities that attracted me to Nathan. I think he's quite funny. Of course, I like to insist to him that I'm just as funny as he is - but I know that's not quite true. After I get in a particular good one he likes to add "You're not on a roll!" cause usually my jokes go downhill in quality after the first one. Hee hee.

J is for Jesus
What a friend we have in Jesus (someone should use that in a song or something:). Truly He is all of the following (or some of the following - how many is up to you - free will and all that!)
Friend, Saviour, Lord (this one is truly an daily decision - who will be Lord of your life today Tammy, you or Jesus?), Comforter, Guide, Healer, Giver of all things good, Protector, Cheerleader (OK, that sounds irreverant I know - but truly no one is cheering you on more than He is!), Redeemer (He can take ANYTHING you've done or any circumstance in your life and redeem it), Creator and Almighty God!

J is for Jamie & Joelle & Jean-Guy
Jamie is my one and only brother. He's 5 yrs younger than me, and let's just say he sometimes take his joking around to extremes. Thankfully, as I was so much older (read bigger) than he was, he generally bugged Andrea to death instead of me. Michelle would just beat him up if he tried it on her. Thankfully, now that he's bigger than us, we have husbands to protect us. :) Love ya Jame.

Joelle is my first niece! I finally got to be an auntie when this cutie was born. Unfortunately, since I already had my own kids at the time, I'm not likely going to wear the title of favorite aunt (so much easier to capture that title when you're not running after your two, or three or soon to be four kids!). But, she's a sweetie none the less.

And, last but not least, Jean-Guy is my brother-in-law. He's a great guy - especially because he loves my sister Michelle and their beautiful curly-haired daughter Elliott the way he does. The fact that Nathan likes to talk sports with him doesn't hurt either. :) And maybe, he'll even produce a nephew for us come November - hey, stranger things have happened!


Anonymous said...

Joking around is great, especially when you have great frieds to joke around with!

Andrea said...

Glad I could finally make you an auntie!!

And yes, Jamie is quite the character. Man, did he ever torture me!!!


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