Monday, 20 August 2007

Movie Recommendation

In direct contrast to our last movie fiasco, we thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's dinner and a movie! We went to see The Bourne Ultimatum - and, as we expected, it was fantastic!! We went to Pasta La Vista for supper - but I have to say, we weren't overly impressed. We'll stick to Olive Garden for Italian food that's for sure! But we had a fabulous time!

We had a moment where we thought we might not be enjoying our movie so much - as a couple with a baby sat down in our aisle! A baby?! Didn't I get a babysitter to get away from babies? :) Thankfully the baby only cried a few times, and was pretty quiet. Whew!


Andrea said...

Maybe that's what we'll go see next. We have one more Air Miles vouher to use...and so far everybody says it's really good!

Pamela said...

I'll keep that one in mind if we ever get out to see an "adult" movie and not stuck watching High School Musical 2!!

ValleyGirl said...

DANG, I never even THOUGHT about going to see this -- and I was in the city for a whole stinkin' WEEK!!!! Maybe it wasn't playing anymore, I don't know. One afternoon I did actually entertain the thought of going to see a movie by myself. Nuts. Glad you liked it. I WILL see it one of these days!


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