Monday, 6 August 2007

An Encyclopedia of Me

Got this idea from my sister Andrea's blog and thought it was a fun one. So, here we go.

A is for auntie.
After having the first kids on both sides of the family, it took awhile till I could say this. But I am an auntie! To 3 girls (Joelle & Malia, and Elliott) and counting on my side, and 2 boys (Colter & Baret) on Nathan's side.

B is for baby.
We're having another baby. I am 16 weeks along right now and our baby is approx 4 1/2" long. Some of her/him (who are we kidding - it'll likely be another girl!) more advanced body systems are working, including her circulatory system and urinary tract. Her heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day, circulating her total blood volume through her body many times. The patterning of her scalp has begun, though her hair isn't recognizable yet. Although closed, her eyes are moving (slowly), and she's even started growing toenails. (Info courtesy of Babycenter.)

Stay tuned for the rest of the encyclopedia in days to come.

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Pamela said...

I'm looking forward to learning 26 things about you!


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