Tuesday, 8 January 2008

2 weeks notice

Well, I was officially 38 weeks pregnant this past Sunday, so hopefully I'm giving my 2 weeks notice as to when this baby will be born! Emma & Sophia were both born exactly on their due dates, and then Olivia was 11 days late - so I'm not holding my breath for an early delivery that's for sure. But, gotta be prepared just in case - there's a first time for everything right?

So, yesterday I went for a pedicure (courtesy of a gift certificate from my parents for Christmas) AND had a massage. Woohoo!

Today I'm going to the dentist - not quite as fun, but I want to do that now while I still have insurance. I got private insurance before this pregnancy because I knew I'd need a really expensive anti-nausea medication. The free massages and dental benefits have been great too though! I'll cancel the insurance shortly after baby is born - JUST in case there's any medical problems, the baby could be added to my insurance without no health questions so I figured I may as well keep it that long. Plus, then I get massages right till the end! :)

So, I washed and dried the baby clothes yesterday - I figured I'd so everything, just in case it's another girl. I still have to fold them and put them away, but at least they're clean! I should clean the car seat yet and then I think we're set.

Well, we still haven't decided on a boy's name - but we're not likely to need that are we? Hee hee - just kidding, we'll decide on one yet ..... soon I hope! You'd think by now we'd have a boy name we've been just dying to use - but no!

On a new topic - there is hope on the potty training horizon! Olivia has now been accident free for 5 days!!! I had been getting quite discouraged already as she just didn't seem to care that much, but things are finally looking up and she is thrilled to be wearing princess panties now. Hoping this keeps up from now till the baby comes - and after especially!


The Brandt Family said...

Good Luck Tammy!
Waiting to hear about the safe arrival of the next member of your family.
Here I am wondering how I am ever going to handle 2 kids and you are about to handle 4!
Take care.

Chelsea Rae said...

I'm so excited for the arrival of your newest little one! Hopefully she will come sooner rather than later, can't wait to hear!

Pam said...

If the baby does happen to be a boy, I'm sure once you see him you both will figure out a name that fits!

Isn't potty training fun!?!?!

Here's hoping you can give your nephew a little boy to play with at family gatherings!

Andrea said...

YAY!! I hope for your sake it's sooner rather than later!!

And I guess that means I'll be starting on another blanket soon....I should probably just start making a pink one. :) Hee hee!!


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