Monday, 28 January 2008

Birth Story - Short Version

OK - this is the less detailed version for those who just want the basics.

My water broke just before 4:30 am Wednesday morning. We went into the hospital an hour later. As no contractions were happening (my usual MO), they induced me with cervadil gel at 10am. Contractions started and got somewhat closer together, but they wanted things to keep moving along, so they induced me with pitocin at 6pm.

I was ready to push at about 10:40. There was a scary moment when the head was delivered but the shoulders were stuck. Thankfully, the first maneuver they used to remedy the situation worked and our precious boy was born!

Jacob Nathaniel Glenn was born on January 23rd at 11:06pm. He was 10lbs 8oz, 22 3/4" long and had a 37cm head.

I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

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Pam said...

Congratulations! That is my birthday too! What a wonderful day!


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