Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Middle name dilemma

Please vote in my poll. Here's some more details....

If we have a boy I'd like to use 2 middle names - Nathaniel (after my husband) and Glenn (after my 1st dad who died when I was 2).

Nathan thinks having 2 middle names is a bit much and would rather have just one. He wants to use Glenn.

If we did use just one, I'd like to use Glenn as well. HOWEVER, Glenn doesn't work as well with the 1st names we're considering (I KNOW - we still haven't decided for sure!!!), except for one of them. The one that Glenn works better for also starts with an N, which is why Nathaniel wouldn't work as well - two N names in a row and all that.

Nathaniel Glenn works for all names except the N one, in which case we could use Glenn Nathaniel.

Since we are done having kids after this, I can't "save" one of the names to use next time because there isn't going to be a next time.

I don't want to use Nathaniel as the first name, with Glenn as the middle name - because of the confusion between Nathan and the baby. Nathan goes by Nathan or Nath or even just Nah to his sisters. So, the only other nickname available is Nate and I don't like that one. I also wouldn't want to use the full Nathaniel all the time either. So - that's not an option.

So, the options are....

Just use both names - yeah it's long, but they're both sentimental so it's worth it.
Just use Glenn.
Just use Nathaniel.
Use only one - whichever one works best with the 1st name we end up deciding on.

Clear as mud? Vote and/or give extended advice/explanation in the comments.



Pamela said...

You'll probably have a girl anyway, so it won't matter, lol! I would use both because they are both special to you. However, realize that most places will only use the first one (school etc.) so you will have to go to the added trouble of adding it to their records. (All our kids have two middle names!)

Kim said...

I voted use 'em both - who cares if it's long? The point of sentimental middle names isn't the names themselves, it's what they symbolize to you, and someday to your child. I think if you want to use both, go for it! Our first boy will be William Farrell S_____, and although people are like "but Will Farrell! Like the actor" we've decided we don't care. We're doing it after my dad, not after the actor!

Andrea said...

Use both. Most people don't use their middle names much anyway, so the fact that it's long isn't really an issue.

It's the sentiment that matters the most.

Pam said...

Two middles names aren't that bad! Like Andrea said middles names aren't as important and not used as often. My two both have two middle names.

Before you make your FINAL decision, wait till he/she comes and you will know then if HE will suit two middles names :)

Hope you get to meet your lil one soon... and happy due date!!


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