Sunday, 22 July 2012

July Photo Challenge Day 22 - Something Old

Today's assignment: Something Old

 I like to bug Nathan about him being old (he's only 1 yr older than me), so it's rather fitting he's in this picture, but it's really of the tree.  I took this picture on our most recent cruise during our stop in St. Kitts.  We took a tour of the island and this magnificent tree is at Romney Manor - it is about 400 yrs old, 24' in diameter and covers 1/2 an acre!  The estate of Romney Manor was once owned by Sam Jefferson II - the great great great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson.  

Here's the poem that's on a plaque below the tree....

The Tree
by Sue Mackiewicz
of Middletown, CT, USA

A majestic Saman tree for hundreds of years has stood,
And now under its canopy a chair of carved wood
Shading the chair from the sun and rain
Through changing times of laughter and pain
Decades ago the seed started to grow
And a fragile shoot started to show
And there on the hill high above the sea
Began the life of an amazing tree.

As time went by the tree watches below
As war began and blood would flow
Sadly watching slaves toil in the sun
Sugar cane for miles-their work never done
The tree grew on-a strong symbol of pride
Its branches stretching out for all to see
A pinnacle of strengthen-a wish all could be free.

Years later at last the island peace
After years of hardship a welcome release
Tranquil and quiet the tree stands still
In its shadow a ruin of the sugar mill
Now under the branches children laugh and play
Lovers meet and go their separate way
Such a special place they thought to add a seat

In the shade and calm-a peaceful retreat.
I am here for a visit –I wish I could stay
For moment I sit –how many passed this way?
Through the leaves of green –the suns rays of gold
Ghosts of Caribbean Legends untold.

I only sat for moment –on this chair that I love 
Alone but for the wind in the branches above 
But I will keep this eternal place in my mind
For more special tree I will never find.

On a more personal note, this is now 16 yrs old.   It was a wedding gift from one of Nathan's cousins and still sits on the dresser in our closet.

Tomorrow's assignment: Animal

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Andrea said...

You're lucky you redeemed yourself with that picture of that wedding gift, Tammy. Tsk, tsk, you've certainly been sharing a few too many pictures not taken on the actual date of the assignment. :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

Well, this particular host didn't give us any rules, so all bets are off ;)


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