Monday, 23 July 2012

July Photo Challenge Day 23 - Animals

Today's assignment: Animals

We don't have any animals in this house, at least, not any of the non-human variety! ;)   

Neither Nathan or I are animal lovers to begin with, both of us are not at all interested in having animals in the house and I really don't need another "child" making a mess around here and needing to be fed and exercised. ;)  If we had a 2 acre yard then we would definitely have a couple of outdoor pets, but I just have a thing about animals being inside.  No offense to all of you pet lovers who also have very clean houses, but I can't help imagining cats running on the counters that my lunch was prepared on and dogs licking the table I'm about to eat on.  And that's the toned down version so that y'all won't hate me!   

We did have a couple of fish for some time, but I got tired of cleaning out their fish bowls so we gave them away before we moved.  

Stuffed animals on the other hand, we have aplenty! 

Tomorrow's assignment: Artwork

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LaughingLady said...

Hey, we've got a zoo like that, too!


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