Wednesday, 25 July 2012

July Photo Challenge Day 25 - Home

Today's assignment: Home

Nathan is a now a homebuilder, but even when he was "just framing" we built and flipped several homes (working evenings and weekends), so we are currently living in our 6th home in our same small town.  I drove around town today taking pictures of all our houses and what they look like now (excuse the window marks, I didn't think to roll the window down in the van!)

We lived in an apartment in the city for 2 yrs before we built this home in the summer of 1998.  During those two years Nathan worked for my uncle as a flooring installer and after quitting my job as a server at a nice restaurant in the city, I worked first as a receptionist and later, as the Administrative Assistant to the Corporate Sales Manager, at a computer store.  The same summer we built this house, Nathan partnered with his dad to start a framing company.  This house was a 1170 sq ft bungalow and we lived here from the summer of 1998 till the fall of 2001.  I began teaching piano part time in the fall of 2000 (I think!).  Emma was born in March 2001 and was 6 months old when we moved out of this house and into an apartment while our next house was being built (purchaser's wanted a quick possession date - would NOT do that again).

This house we moved into in February 2002 - we even hosted a couples baby shower one week after moving in - talk about incentive to unpack in a hurry!  I did not return to work after my one year maternity leave was over, but I did continue to teach piano part time in the evenings.  Sophia was born in this house in March 2003.  This was an 1199 sq ft bungalow and we lived here until early December 2003 I think. 

We moved into this house in December 2003 and even managed to get the Christmas tree up right away.  Olivia was born in this house in June 2005 and I stopped teaching piano part time.  This was a 1225 sq ft bi-level and we lived here until late winter or early spring of 2007.

We moved into this 1385 sq ft bi-level in early 2007 and had no children in this house, however, we only lived here for about 6 months and moved in October 2007 when I was 6 months pregnant with Jacob. 

(Excuse the finger in this picture, didn't notice until now or I would've taken another one!).  We moved into this house in October 2007.  It is the exact same floor plan as the previous one but we cantilevered the master bedroom to make it slightly bigger so it was 1405 sq ft and fully finished out the basement.  Like I said, I was 6 months pregnant with Jacob.  But, as anyone who ever saw me pregnant, that means I looked like I was 9 months pregnant.  I think the movers thought I was nuts.  After moving again very recently and knowing how tiring it was, I think I must've been nuts too!  Jacob was born in this house in January 2008 and we lived here for a record 4 yrs and 8 months before moving into our current house.  In May 2008 Nathan started his own home building company called Nathan Reimer Custom Homes.

This is our new house that we moved into on June 22nd, 2012.  It's a 1565 sq ft bungalow with a fully finished basement - more pictures to come soon.  We're planning to break our previous record and stay here several years. I'm not so foolish as to say we're not going to move again, but we're putting an inground pool (hopefully starting next week!) so we'll be here awhile for sure.  The outside is not quite finished yet, but we're well on our way.  

With moving so much, there hasn't been any one place that I think of when I think of "home".  All our children were born in different houses and all have numerous wonderful memories. What is home to me?  

Tomorrow's assignment: Younger You

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Pamela said...

Awesome! Does your new house have a second level? Do you have a favourite?

TammyIsBlessed said...

No 2nd level in our new house - those are fake dormer windows in the front, for looks only.

Our new house is my favourite by far!


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