Saturday, 7 July 2012

July Photo Challenge Day 7 - Transportation

Today`s assignment: Transportation
A couple years ago we bought a Volkswagen Routan and we absolutely love it!  One thing that`s handy is it`s got great pickup, perfect for passing slow moving vehicles on two lane highways.  We`ve owned 3 vans so far - Pontiac Montana, Chevy Uplander and now this one and this is our favourite by far.  When we were looking for a new van we test drove the Dodge Caravan as it was supposed to be similar to the Routan (but less expensive), but after test driving both the Routan was definitely better, almost no comparison.  Best choice of vehicle ever!  Nathan drives a GMC truck for his work vehicle and he loves it.  But if we ever get an additional smaller vehicle (maybe once the girls are driving age), it`ll definitely be another Volkswagen of some sort.

Tomorrow`s assignment: Books

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