Thursday, 26 July 2012

July Photo Challenge Day 26 - Younger You

Today's assignment: Younger You

This is my pre-school picture - probably one of my favourites.     

Shortly after this my mom chopped my hair off, I got gigantically huge glasses and my overbite started getting really bad.  In an exercise in humility I will share with you my least favourite picture - my Gr 6 school photo.  At this point my hair had grown out and I had it permed, wearing (at the time!) stylishly huge glasses, and my overbite was at it's worst.  I began orthondontic treatment after this and wore a combination of permanent retainers, braces, and removable retainers for 6 yrs in order to correct it!  I had bite marks on the roof of my mouth from my bottom teeth, and my jaw would've eventually cracked if it hadn't been fixed. Yup, pretty brutal.  Now that you're sufficiently prepared, here it is.

This is my Grade 9 picture, I show it to you to show the incredible difference between Grade 9 and Grade 10.  

Over the summer I chopped off my hair and got contact lenses.  In Grade 10 we always had an influx of new students from another nearby school, and at first everyone thought I was one of the new kids - until they heard me laugh!  

Tomorrow's assignment: Mail

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LaughingLady said...

Hey, you haven't changed at ALL since high school, you lucky bum!!

Andrea said...

What do you mean she hasn't changed at all?? Sure, she has a strong resemblance to that picture but she looks very different to me!

Tammy - don't worry, aside from the overbite, I had some bad pictures too - as I'm sure you remember. :) Ahh, the over-sized glasses. Sigh...

Pamela said...

It's funny because I always thought your kids looked more like Nathan but I see them all in your preschool photo. The stylist big glasses are sure fun to look back on. -Conrad was thrilled with the picture I posted! ;)

ladyoz said...

fun little journey!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Andrea & Tammi - well, I have definitely changed in that I look a tiny bit older ;) But whenever we get to that picture in my school picture book, the kids always say "Now that one looks like you Mom!"


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