Sunday, 10 October 2010

10/10/10! Want a slurpee with that?

In case you didn't know - today is 10/10/10!

Which reminds me of a silly story.

Did you know that 7Eleven has a Slurpee Day? Guess what day it is? 7/11. Get it?! On July 11th (7/11) they hand out free slurpees to the first 1000 people at each location in Canada. And guess who emailed them with that idea before they ever started doing that?


I thought of it at some point when I was still working, before we had kids. The place I worked at had a 7 Eleven right across the street and I tell ya, they probably could've survived on our business alone - we were constantly running across the street for snacks and especially slurpees! Anyway, that's where I was working when I had the idea of them having a Slurpee Day on July 11th (7/11). Now, I'm likely not the only one who had that idea and I obviously didn't get credit for it, but I really did email them with that idea and they've been doing it for years now!

Feel free to thank me with a slurpee ;)


Stacy said...

7/11 is our anniversary! We try to make it a point to go get a free slurpee every year.

Andrea said...

That's right -- I forgot that you had emailed them with that.

You should've specified in the email that it didn't have to be a measly 7.11 oz slurpee cup though. :) The regular 'small' slurpee would've sufficed.

Pamela said...

no way! Cool!


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