Thursday, 7 October 2010

C25K - Couch to 5K

I decided to try the Couch to 5K running program recently. I've been doing Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones workout 3 times a week, but you're not supposed to weight train consecutive days, so I wanted something else to do a few times a week - but I don't really like cardio videos. So, I figured I'd try C25K since my sister Andrea enjoyed it so much.

Like her, I am not a runner, I've never been a runner. I was a sprinter during track and field in high school and that's it! No distance running for me. We had to do a 5 mile run every year with school - but I walked virtually all of it. So, this was brand new to me.

I found the first 3 weeks of this program very easy. Actually, if I had not found it easy I would've been pretty discouraged. I've exercised for years already so I'm in pretty good shape. I know that every time you try a new type of exercise your body needs to adjust, but I was still expecting decent results here and I was not disappointed. However, I did find that Week 4 and Week 5 were both quite a jump. I wish they started the program at Week 3, and then did the rest a bit more gradually.

I was pretty nervous about Week 5. This is the first week of the program that gets consecutively harder every training day (3 days per week).

Week 4 was jog 3 mins, walk 1.5 mins, jog 5 mins, walk 2.5 mins, jog 3 mins, walk 1.5 mins, jog 5 mins.

Week 5 Day 1 (which I did Saturday) was jog 5, walk 3, jog 5, walk 3, jog 5.
Week 5 Day 2 (which I did Tuesday) was jog 8, walk 5, jog 8 - a little scary.
Week 5 Day 3 was jog 20 minutes straight - say what?! Where did that come from all of a sudden!?

And that day was today. And I was rather nervous. But determined!

And I did it!

Next week starts a little easier and ends with 25 mins jogging. And after that it's steadily increases to 30 mins - which is supposed to be approximately 5km.

I can do it!

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