Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Olivia's First Day of Kindergarten!

September 13th could not come soon enough. Olivia was beyond ready for kindergarten - she would've been ready for kindergarten last year already ;)

But the day finally came - here she is, ready to go!

The whole crew ready to walk to school (the extra girl is Olivia's best friend, who is one year older than her)
Can we get there any faster?! (we live directly behind the school - our house is the 3rd from the right with the yellow slides - so it's a super quick walk to school)

Actually in class and changing into indoor shoes for the first time.
3 down, only 1 to go - can't believe it's gone this fast.


Catherine said...

You have to wear different indoor and outdoor shoes there?

TammyIsBlessed said...

Yes, to help keep the school cleaner. Shoes are often muddy from rain - and for the majority of the school year they have to wear winter boots outside. So, yes, they have to have a clean pair of shoes only used for indoor/gym.


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