Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Picture Day!

So today was Picture Day at school. Which means last night we were pouring over hairstyles trying to pick what we were going to do - has to be something that looks good from the front - it's Picture Day after all.

There are numerous hairstyle websites out there, but these two are my favourites...
The Story of a Princess and Her Hair is a fabulous blog. You can see their hairstyle gallery on Facebook and when you pick your favourite style there is a link back to the specific blog post with the tutorial on how to make it. Perfect!
Babes in Hairland is another great blog with lots of pictures and instructions.
Thankfully both blogs tag their posts so you can easily search for what you want - like for Picture Day, I picked "Mostly Down" and got some great ideas. And they had to be easy cause I didn't have time to practice - you know, since I left this to the night before - surprise, surprise!

Anyway, I think they turned out great!

Here's my oldest princess sporting this hairstyle....

The picture on the left was taken after school, and it was super windy today, which usually means frizz crazy hair for Emma, but it's actually looking pretty good still! And here is a view from the top - not so sure any of that will show on the pictures, but oh well - it looked super cute anyway!

Sophia wanted her hair the same way I did it for our fall family picture day - simply parted down the middle, with one braid on each side, and then bring the braids up and cross them and pin in place. Voila! Front and top profile pictures so you can see the details. Sophia looks less than impressed - she was in a hurry to get out the door this morning and I'm snapping pictures!

Olivia wanted hers to be the same as Emma's. At least Sophia picked a slightly less time consuming option. Weaving in hair ribbons is not something I do every day! Oh, and I used a crochet hook cause it was handy at the time! (crochet hat pictures to come shortly!) It turned out really cute, and I got at least one really amazed reaction at Costco today when I took her and Jacob shopping. The front profile picture is also from after school. Emma took Olivia's picture this morning, and let's just say it didn't turn out as cute as this one ;)

I'm reinspired to try cool hairdo's on the girl's hair after finding these blogs again after a long hiatus. And I have to do something in the girl's hair anyway. Their hair gets soooo tangly if it's just left down like this (not looking forward to combing it out tomorrow, let me tell you!). They usually have a ponytail or two, or a braid or two anyway. Probably wouldn't take much more to fancy it up a little. That would mean investing in a few cute flower clips and other hair accessories. And is it just me, or is there a black hole of hair accessories in your house too?! It seems like I'm always having to get more hair ties.

Anyway, I highly recommend checking out those hairstyle sites if you have girls. They've got holiday themed stuff and everything (love the Valentine's stuff in particular!). They also have some hair do's for girls with a bit shorter hair, and for babies. Be prepared to waste spend a lot of time browsing the sites!


Andrea said...

Very cute -- all 3 of them!
Oh...and I've got that black hole for hair ties too!!

Jen said...

So very cute!!


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