Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Crafty me

I'm not really a super crafty person, but some things I like to do - like knitting, crocheting and simple sewing. I haven't knit or crocheted in a long time, but I just found a really cute pattern for a brim cap that I'm going to try crocheting for myself and my girls. I'll post pictures when they're done.

In the past I've crocheted a couple of afghans, and I knit a couple sweaters, which turned out ok, but were just not stylish enough to wear. I even came up with my own pattern for a knit sweater (using a book that had instructions on how to do this), but I ended up abandoning that project. I've also crocheted placemats and dishcloths.

Recently though, I've been sewing. Nothing fancy yet, though I'd love to take a sewing class or something sometime to improve my skillz. So far I've been sticking to very simple, but adorable, baby blankets. I've sewed one for each of my precious nieces and nephews and for my own kids too of course! Basically just flannelette on one side, cute baby type material on the other, with some sort of quilt batting in the middle - sew wrong sides together, turn right-side out, sew around the edges, and "quilt" an x across to keep the batting from twisting up and voila!

Here are two blankets I made this summer for my cousin's twins - she obviously had a boy and a girl. ;)

Obviously, I didn't make the baby in this picture ;) But I did make this blanket for my newest and very beautiful niece, Sawyer.


Andrea said...

Hmmm...can you share the pattern for the brim hats?

Kristi Lea said...

Those are beautiful! My sewing skills are minor too, but I sure enjoy doing it. I'd like to take a quilting class some day! Good luck with those hats!

Miriam said...

Ha! Too funny. I started crocheting hats in spring. I have a few different patterns. Most of them I got from etsy.com, if you're looking for more. Usually $5 or so a pattern.


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