Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lunch Bags

Boy, have lunch bags come a long way since we were in school baby! Gone are the hard plastic containers with the thermos in the top half.

Before this year the girls had been using some really cute princess lunch bags that I had custom ordered with their names inscribed on the backs from Identity Direct. But the oldest two are starting to get a little old for princess stuff, so this year they wanted new lunch bags.

I was thrilled to spy these at our local fabric store, and they were on sale for just over $10! Aren't they beautiful?!

Emma's is the leopard print bag and Sophia's is the giraffe print bag. Olivia got a lunch bag when we were down in the States, but when we bought it I didn't realize it had two separate compartments, neither of which fit my super cool Tupperware banana keepers. Plus, I just found it annoying to have to pack stuff in two compartments. So, this week I went back to the fabric store hoping that they would have the zebra print in stock and they did! In fact, it was the only one they had left! (Though they may get more back in stock, in case anyone from my neck of the woods is wanting to go get one too). So, Olivia's is the zebra print bag.

Other than the insulated interior, they look like purses! And check out how roomy they are....
I've got a Tupperware sandwich keeper, a Tupperware banana keeper (they totally work to keep the banana from ripening in the lunch bag), a muffin and a juice box with a ton of room to spare! There are also side pockets on both sides which are ideal to throw their snack in.

After telling/showing my sister how awesome these lunch bags were, she went and picked some up too.

While at said fabric store, I also spotted some larger tote style bags and I thought it would be perfect for the church bag I always have to bring along to carry home all the kids' take home papers, as well as books and DVD's from the library. It's hard to tell how large it is from this picture, but it's pretty big. I wish it was a little bit smaller actually, but better too big than too small in this case.

Aren't we stylin'?!


The Brandt Family said...

Oh I would LOVE one of those totes! I have been looking for a church bag and that is exactly what I was looking for.
Too bad I won't be making a trip into the city any time soon - although hubby is going next week, maybe I can convince him to go ;)

Andrea said...

Ooh...Love the tote! How much was that??!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Ang - I got them at Fabricland on Regent.

Andrea - they were $16! And they had all 3 varieties when I was there this week.

Jody said...

Super cute!! I love that tote. I want it in Giraffe...

Jen said...

Those are some styling lunch bags, very cool compared to the ones I had as a kid growing up lol! I actually bought myself a cool lunch bag this year because my friend invited me to a ThirtyOne party..
Cool Banana keepers! I need some of those! I have tomato and onion one's but I have not seen a banana one!


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