Sunday, 24 October 2010

Coming up....

Coming up in our household this week.....

The regular schedule of...
Sophia's hockey practices/games (2 or 3 times per week)
Emma's dance and jazz classes
Sophia's jazz class
Olivia's pre-tap/pre-ballet class
Emma & Sophia's piano lessons (taught by me)
my community choir practice (I accompany the choir on piano)
Nathan's hockey
Girls Club at church for Emma & Sophia
Coffee Connection for me (ladies morning out at church - babysitting provided!)

And the week will end with a girls weekend away!! Nathan's mom is turning 60 this year and she's taking me and his two sil's on a girls shopping weekend - yay!

Post subjects that are coming up on the blog this week.....
How and why we do chores and allowance in our family
Chore chart samples I've found online
Update on controversial ethical information I've blogged about before

Stay tuned!


Nicole said...

I wanted to play hockey as a kid... My parents said I was too small :-/ I was the kid who almost got suspended in Elementary for beating up boys lol I think I could have handled hockey.

Andrea said...

looking forward to what's all coming up!

oh -- and you're going with nathan's sil's...or YOUR sil's? ;)


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