Sunday, 3 October 2010


This is short and sweet cause I want to go have a quick nap yet.

Couple things I want to write down about the kids before I forget them!

Emma's first words were "Whatsat?!" which coincidentally was exactly the same time as that beer commercial which consisted of a bunch of people saying "Whatsup?!", so we thought it was pretty funny.

When Sophia was really little, she would stand and bounce on her tip toes all the time, so we called her "Tigger".

Olivia - here's a good quote that sums her up quite nicely "Mom, you know why I don't listen? It's because you don't teach me!"

Jacob - he calls all semis "Mack" from the Cars movie, he loves all tractors, trucks, semis, cars and can recognize his dad or grandpa's truck the second it's in sight. But apparently he does not have the same skills with birds. We were driving down the highway and when we passed a bunch of Canada Geese he shouted "Chickens!"

Post 3 of 31 done!

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